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Welcome to Mazatlán


Mazatlan has it all, so you can enjoy a memorable vacation, combining distraction, adventure, natural attractions, warmth and hospitality of its people; to live memorable experiences. The only beach destination with a historical and cultural richness embodied in historical buildings and monuments. Mazatlan has 18 kilometers of sand slowly, the high to train surfing, the most important seawall in Latin America, fresh and delicious seafood, Incredible golf courses, deep-sea fishing and hotels for all capitals. Similarly, this destination has a picturesque center with museums, cafes and food places. Its natural lighthouse rivals that of Gibraltar, and its port is possibly the most outstanding of the Pacific.

Centro historico

Historical Center

Mazatlan is the only tourist beach sites, where visitors have the good fortune to walk through streets and alleys that are extraordinary sources for a stroll through its grand historical past, which acts on the architecture of its intriguing and majestic buildings, which are the most vivid testimonies of the chronicle of the life of Mazatlan and its fantastic people.

Angela Peralta Theater

The theater is equipped with the most modern technological advances to provide the public with first-rate cultural shows, as well as symphonic and work recitals, traditional and folkloric ballet, recitals, etc.
Among the huge events that are currently taking place are: remarkable cultural and artistic events, such as the José Limón festival that takes place in April or the Sinaloa Festival of the Arts and the Cultural Festival of Mazatlán. , starting the first of them in October and the second in the first days of November, extending until December.

Teatro Angela Peralta
Acuario Mazatlán


With more than three decades of history, the Mazatlan Aquarium continues as possibly the most finished of its kind in Latin America. Through its facilities and shows, it was transformed into an ideal and considerable space to spend the afternoon in family and in contact with the marine wonders that inhabit its coasts. In this aquarium you will find an approximate diversity of 200 species that come from many parts of the world. Know the central pond in a hexagonal way with aptitude of 123 thousand liters of salt water, whose thickness of its crystals is 66 millimeters.

Plazuela Machado

It is one of the oldest in the City of Mazatlan; the historical records tell us that it was built in the year of 1837 under the auspices of a rich merchant in silver, cloth and pearls, Don Juan Nepomuceno Machado.
La Plazuela Machado is one of the venues of the Carnival celebrations, since year after year a gastronomic sample is held in this place in which the best and most representative restaurants of the town participate, offering their best dishes.

Plazuela Machado
El Faro

Mazatlan Lighthouse

Mazatlan Lighthouse is based on an incredible natural formation that is formed by a succession of cliffs and stoic farallones and if you can see the hill at a reasonable distance we will realize that its shape resembles that of a triangular pyramid. Your attentive are inclined and you will have the possibility to find in its composition many deep caverns, which is very risky to enter thanks to the treacherous currents. Regarding these caverns are attractive legends, which point us to the opportunity that inside you will find incalculable goods that in the sixteenth century, there were hidden pirates as well known as the bloodthirsty English Thomas Caldrens or Cavendich and the blond Dutch Spilbergen and who were the insane product of the merciless looting that these buccaneers carried out to the "Naos of the Philippines".

Malecón de Mazatlán

It is considered the longest in the world, it has a length of 21 km along the Pacific coast, where you can find huge cliffs, monuments, roundabouts, hotels and the most beautiful evenings, also used to carry out hiking .
Paseo del Centenario: where cliffs can be seen, it was set up to commemorate the centennial of the Independence of Mexico. Olas Altas Pass: This is the oldest part of the boardwalk, built in 1830, later an embankment was built that was used as an urban space and Recreation, was the first spaces in the region with public lighting, this part of the pier is the most representative of the region is between the hill of the ice cream and the hill of the lookout.

Malecón de Mazatlán
Venados de Mazatlán

Venados de Mazatlán

The Teodoro Mariscal Stadium is located in the town of Mazatlán, Sinaloa. It is the home of the Mazatlan Deer, a baseball team that participates in the Mexican Pacific League, where they have played huge league players such as: Adrian Gonzalez, Jhony Gomes, Ruben Rivera, Esteban Loaiza, West Helms, Ignacio Ayala among several others . Has aptitude for 15,000 passionate novices comfortably seated; It is located within the largest parks in the entire league. The Teodoro Mariscal Stadium was the domain of 14 Final Series, 8 Mexican Pacific League Championships and 5 Caribbean Series.


The popular holiday paradise like the Pearl of the Pacific has in its more than 17 kilometers of beach the primordial interesting for which a huge amount of tourists every year arrive at this destination.
Nothing compares with the unreachable at dawn in opposition to the Pacific Ocean and with the beautiful sunsets when the sun shines behind the Three Islands.
The list of beaches that Mazatlan has are the following: Olas Altas Beach, North Beach, Gaviotas and Camarón Beaches, Los Pinos Beach, Sabalo Beach, Cerritos Beach.